It's a modified game (mod) of the MMORPG FlyForFun. Typically, Lord Of Madrigal (LOM) is a Battle Royale Game like H1Z1 or PUBG but in MMORPG/Fantastic style (with magic, sword, bow, shield...). You are on a map with others players, everyone is an ennemy so you have to survive by looting or crafting your gears and the map is getting smaller at the call of the timer. You can play really fast with almost no loading time and chat with other players when you are waiting for the match to start. And of course, it's 100% free to play!

When you are on the website, you just have to click on the link "Download" on the top menu. Than you can choose which download server you want and wait for the 1.6Go to be downloaded.

It's like the official FlyForFun. You choose the gender, some hair style, you write the nickname of the character and there you go!

For the moment there's only one server located in Europe so you don't have to choose a lots of things. Once your in game, you can click on the PNJ to launch a ranking game or a simple training. If you choose the training, you are immediatly teleported on random location on the map. If you choose a ranking Battle Royale game, you are teleported on the waiting lobby where you can talk with other players before the game start. You can see the map by pressing 'X' key. Every red zone is prohibited or you will be killed by a big monster after beeing burned.

When the game started, you are teleported on a random location on the map. Your goal now is to survive. You have to loot somes piece of wood on the ground to craft a weapon or armor by clicking on the Gigglebox PNJ everywhere on the map. You can also loot some box with boosts inside or you can loot the stuff of a dead player on the ground.

You have two choices: you can search all the players one by one and fight against them or you can hide yourself in the woods and follow the limits of the red zone.

It's simple, if you are the last man standing, you become the Lord. If you are only top 2, you are not the Lord of this game and you earn less XP and points :)

If you win a Style Box in game or if you buy one from the shopping, you can equip the skin or you can sell it on the "Trading Zone". Everything is well explained on the page "Put yours on sale" if you click on an item. Every trade is made in € (euros) so you are responsible for the legal declarations in your country if you make a lot of sales every month.

With our partners StreamTroll and Vocarep, you can win 2000€/month. You just have to be Top 1 of the ranking on the last day of the month. If you win, you received it on your Paypal account. That's a good way to live your dream or become a professionnal streamer! Don't forget that you are responsible for the legal declarations in your country if you earn money.